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Offering for China >Usa >Uk >Hk CC Routes

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    Dear Partner,

    Welcome to Cellulax Software Services Pte Ltd.

    We would like to Offering for China >Usa >Uk >Hk CC Routes and CHINA(86),853,84,CANADA,USA,UK CC CLI with best rates and high quality

    In addition, we have A-Z ROUTES And traffic to almost ALL destinations.

    We offer A-Z routes also and any good working route with a competitive rate would work !

    Given below is my contact information . We look forward to doing some business with you !

    Best Regards

    Sales Head
    International Voice & SMS
    E-Mail :
    Skype : Sales.Cellulax
    Address : 36th Floor, UOB Plaza 1,80 Raffles Place,Singapore-048624.

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